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Guitar Lessons Online - Free and Premium Downloadable Content

As well as offering 1-2-1 private guitar tuition and Webcam lessons via. Skype, I am now making available free downloable lessons as well as premium lesson content, and video downloads. This is an ongoing development, but I am hoping to keep the entire series of lessons and downloads to just one page to make it easy to navigate.

Most of what I teach is what I learnt from the M.I.(Guitar Institute of Technology) back in 1995-6, as well as other guitar instructors or seminars along the way. I combine this knowledge with my own experience of guitar teaching from the past 20+ years to form the basis of tackling any issue or common problem beginner, intermediate or advanced guitarists may have.

All of the content you see here is given freely and in good faith. While they may be useful lessons, you can never beat one to one private guitar tuition. For guitar lessons with me personally at my studio in Clacton-On-Sea, or to find out about skype lessons, please click on the 1-2-1|TUITION link or at the top menu of this page. Should the lessons get too large for one page, I will sub-menu everything to make it easier to read. Enjoy!

Click the small thumbnails to download and print out A4 sized sheets.

New updated content being added all the time. This lesson page was last updated : Feb 12th | 2018

The Altar of Rock - A series of Rock guitar articles on practical lead and rhythm guitar playing. Light hearted and hopefully inspiring.

1 - The Major Scale Quest

First instalment of my 'Altar Of Rock' series
tackling at one way to use the major scale
when improvising.

2 - The Blues/Dorian Hybrid Scale

Looking at a combining the blues, pentatonic,
and dorian scales together to form one useful
scale for improvising.

3 - Seventh Chord Workout

A great exercise in rhythm guitar combined
as well as a good chord workout.
Just don't go too fast!

The Theory Of Rock - More in depth series of lessons on music theory and Rock guitar.

1 - Minor Pentatonic Scales

The all encompassing and most useful scale
in rock or any other style probably.
Here is my take on it.

The CAGED System - Play chords in any key using this system.

The CAGED System (1/3)

Moving those open position chords using
the CAGED system. Three page lesson.
Page 1 of 3

The CAGED System (2/3)

The CAGED system - Major chords.
Page 2 of 3.

The CAGED System (3/3)

The CAGED system - Minor Chords.
Examples at end.
Page 3 of 3.

Chord Charts - A List of useful chord reference charts.

Open Position Chords - 1

A page of useful open position chords Page 1.
Basic to some. A revelation to others.

Scale Charts - A List of useful scale reference charts.

Major Scales - 1

Major Scale Charts - Page 1.
C, G, D, A Major scales across the entire neck.

Major Scales - Page 2

Major Scale Charts - Page 2.
E, B, F#/Gb Major scales across the entire neck.

Unlocking The Guitar Neck - My own take on using music theory to unlock the guitar/bass neck.

Unlocking The Guitar Neck - Chords

How to use the unlocking the
guitar neck chart to
unlock chords.

Unlocking The Guitar Neck - Scales

How to use the unlocking the
guitar neck chart to
unlock scales.

Unlocking The Guitar Neck Blank Chart

Blank 'Unlocking' charts for guitar.
Useful for mapping out chords/scales
and understanding the guitar neck.

Unlocking The Bass Neck Blank Chart

Unlocking the bass guitar neck chart.
4-string version for bass players.

Lesson Resources

Four Guitar Necks

Four guitar necks with notes on the neck.
Useful for chart creation, and fingerboard
mapping of chords, scales, solos and more...

Guitar Neck with Tablature (A4)

Single guitar neck and Tablature.

2 Guitar Necks with Tab

Useful guitar necks with tablature underneath.

Guitar Tablature

Blank Tab Sheets for Download.
Super useful.

Guitar Tablature 2

Alternative version of Tab with larger lines
and open guitar string names.

Guitar Chord Charts - Vertical

Sixteen vertical blank chord charts.
Useful for almost anything six-string related.

Manuscript with Guitar Tab

Useful Notation and TAB sheets.
Also recommended for music theory
development and sight reading.

Traditional Manuscript

Traditional Music Manuscript.
..what rock guitar players fear most! :)

Bass Guitar Necks 4

Blank bass guitar necks.
4-string version for bass players.

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