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10th January

Site updated - Eek! it's been too long..

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been too long since I updated this news section of the website. I tend to do more and more work on my social media side of things, notably Facebook! However, I remain resolute to keep and maintain an accurate record and place on the interweb' about all of my gigs, gig history and music etc.. so this website will be staying here for the forseeable future!

I've just finished the 2020 Gig Guide, I'm sure it will increase/decrease and change as the year goes on, but so far, it's looking rosy!

I plan to continue with my Another World album, and I simply must get a decent covers album out there with my new numbers that I do in my live set!

Until next time.. (I promise not to leave it so long!)

One more thing..

Here's to another great year of music making, teaching and gigging.. :) Love and Peace x

25th January

New Online Guitar Lessons Now Available! / New cover CDs to come!

Happy New Year everyone!

I've now added a new page to the website for guitar lessons. This has new downloadable A4 sized pages of guitar lessons, as well as blank tab, manuscript, guitar neck charts. All really useful material for students and teachers alike! I plan to add to it daily.

Go check the new guitar lessons page out here -

There is also a Facebook page for my guitar tuition -

I simply must get round to finishing my remixes of my cover CDs. Some of the tracks I no longer play live, so it is time for a spruce up of the downloads and music purchasing page. I have so many cover tracks done, that I cannot wait to put them out!

I am also hoping to release my 7even Bridges 2 Cross re-record this year. 2003-2018 can you beleive it 15 years?! So I have the artwork now in place, I can forsee February being a good time to finally get that remake done. Artwork is stonking.. more on that later..

On a sidenote, with regards to social media, as Facebook burggeons ever more forwards, gobbling up all in its path, I have no plans to retire my domain name or website at all. Social media comes and goes, but I like to have my own piece of "internet" out there in cyberspace.. Call me old fashioned. With all my gigs and news and information you can either find it on here, or on my facebook page - (cut/paste link) and no-where else.

Here's to another great year of music making, teaching and gigging.. Love and Peace x

23rd December

Steve Forward - Classic Rock Magazine made me a viral internet hit! - news, and more..

Hey everyone.. Happy Christmas.. What a crazy year it has been..

If you've not been on social media for a few weeks then here's a heads up!
Classic Rock Magazine found one of my videos from a few years back and loved it.. after they shared it on their page it quickly went viral.. as of Dec 2018 it has racked up over 956,000 views (close to 1million!) - 16,000 comments, and 9,500 shares! all in a little over 2 months!.. I'm stoked at all the great comments from past musicians, friends, and people all over the world.. thank you all so much..

You can check it out on Classic Rock Magazine's Facebook page here -

Check out more videos of me playing by visiting my YouTube and Facebook channels

YouTube -
and my official Facebook fan page -

please share, and comment, like and subscribe, and share the Classic Rock Magazine Facebook video to help it get past 1 million views!

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year also, and I look forward to seeing you at a gig in 2018! Keep Rockin' X

5th December

Online Guitar Lessons Now Available | Site News | Updates...

Hi All,

I got myself some new cameras and webcams, and am now offering guitar lessons online to all who are interested. It's easy to get setup, all you need is a nice fast internet connection and a webcam.. oh and a guitar :)

Payment facilities is all setup too, on the lessons page there is a PayPal button to quickly and securely pay.
So get in touch if you want to improve your playing. Head on over to the lessons page HERE

Email : Phone : 07849 278188

15th July

Digital Download Stores, More Site Updates, Time Traveller, and Further Site News!

Hey!.. I have been busy.. The Website now has fully updated sections on the music page - MUSIC

I have decided to not release a "remastered" series, and bring my old Rock Classics 1 and 2 CDs a new addition, namely.. Rock Classics 3. These will tie in really nicely with the new songs I have been playing on my gigs. All of the music pages have had massive changes, with full album artwork now available for download, as well as encrypted album download pages for all my cover albums and original albums. Rock Classics 3 will sound great though, and feature tracks from my 2016 live set, all fully recorded and mixed on a great sounding covers CD.. The Rock Classics series, is meant for regular gig goers who support me on my cover gigs and always have a great night out. Look out for these on my gigs folks.. When Rock Classics 3 gets released I plan to have a special price for all 3! Collect them all please! Thanks!

By offering digital downloads of my entire back catalogue of EP's and albums, my music can be downloaded digitally, then for the first time, separately from any iTunes etc.

Time Traveller has been received well, and has been my biggest seller so far! Thank you all so much, long may it continue. Over the next few weeks I plan to get the backing tracks sorted so I can play this album out live for you all! You rock! \m/ \m/

Now, onto re-recording and remixing older recordings.. There are definite plans to remix, and re-release tracks and albums from my back catalogue depending on interest and my available time. But at the present time, I plan to archive older releases as digital downloads only, and eventually release newer albums in their place. It is a long drawn out affair, and extremely subjective as to wether improving the instrumentation will matter over time. As my recording techniques improve, so do the quality of my recordings. Lots of you have commented that my earlier works hold a certain charm to them!

Anyway, I am off for another weekend of gigs, and will post any more news relating to Time Traveller and Rock Classic 3 release soon!

Take care,

Steve x

2nd July

Time Traveller Out Now!

Time Traveller - my fourth instrumenal rock album is out today. Twelve tracks of original guitar themes make this album a must have for rock guitar fans! At midday (uk time!) the PayPal link will go live and you can order the CD!

Go there now to listen to sample clips - Time Traveller album page

Be sure to check the official Time Traveller Facebook page to, for the launch, and important information -

Thanks to all who helped me - I really hope you like it!

7th May
**New Website Update

Like it? we love it!!! ..well...It's not really a new website, I just wanted to bring some of the great pics that Mark and Toni have been taking from the last few years, and update the banners, intro page, and website.. I've been working hard on my solo Classic Rock Shows these last few years, and what with the additional PA and lighting equipment I've added on, the shows are looking better than ever. So I thought, why not update the pictures a bit.. I've added more promo pictures to the home page including my One Floyd show ( and I have announced my Rock Classics 'Remastered' Series too! more on that later..

I have stripped away some of the serious wording on the gig page, to make it even easier to navigate, as well included clearly labelled links to my gig history, gig poster downloads, and current song list..

Right now, I am tearing into my studio work for companies, as well as editing my next album, which I am so excited about! I plan to get every single track ready as a backing track too, alongside some of my earlier tracks from 7even Bridges and Overture EPs, ready for gigging in the summer months..

I mentioned the Rock Classics 'Remastered' Series.. well, whilst recording Time Traveller, I started using better sounds, and have acquired, somewhat better mixing skills.. so as a result, I thought it would be time to give my old Rock Classics 1+2 a remix.. but with a twist.. I will be adding new tracks, recording guitars, vocals again, and reducing the track count to 10 on each.. Rock Classics 'Remastered' Volume 1, will be released in the Autumn, if not before! Can't wait for you to hear it

So, hopefully the website update has given it a perk up, it has me..

Until the next time.. oh and if you want to help out, please give my facebook page a "like" and a few comments.. makes all the difference you know :)

It's here -

Keep Rockin' and see you all at a gig soon!

Steve x

13th March
One Floyd, Time Traveller, New Website to come.. and stacks of original music..

Hey? Why haven't I updated this page for so long... well I have been busy!.. also my apologies.. The new website will be gradually introduced focusing on my original guitar music, wether its instrumental albums, or vocal ones, my guitar lessons, and my rock covers gigs.. which are still going strong!..

I have also been a busy beaver creating and developing my 'One Floyd' tribute show ( ) which I recommend you guys go check out ASAP! which brings me to my next piece of news..

Time Traveller will be out THIS YEAR! - It has been 6 years since I released Alive! and in that time it has outsold anything else I have ever recorded, along with Strange Kind Of Life.. I plan to release more guitar instrumental based albums in the satriani/vai/jeff beck vein, as they are such fun to do!

I have setup a special "page" on for all things Time Traveller - and you can check out a special teaser clip of one of the forthcoming tracks, "Lost In Time" too on my YouTube channel ( )

Rock Covers - hmm... I am finding it increasingly frustrating looking for ways to show my rock cover albums/covers and tracks, YouTube seems to like them one minute, then hate them the next :D - They are nothing more or less, than just rock covers.. as a means to an end to enable pubs and clubs in the UK (and more recently Europe when I played in Belgium Dec 2015!) to see and hear what it is I do.. Playing rock cover tracks immediately identifies you with the audience, as an unknown artist it is difficult to gain that kind of recognition with your own music, initially.. But I will sort this out I promise!..

Ok, I will be back with more news, and updates in a few weeks time hopefully, until then, keep coming out to my solo gigs, and One Floyd gigs and supporting what I do! Many thanks!

Keep Rockin' X


24th May
The Dark side Of The Moon - Album Remake News and - - The Solo Pink Floyd Tribute From Steve Forward

Hi All, just to let you know I am working hard on my remake of Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' and I aim to have it released and available to buy in around 6-8 weeks, if not sooner... It's coming together nicely.. If you want to find out more, I can officially announce is now live! I plan to announce any Solo Pink Floyd shows separately to my main classic rock solo shows on here, so keep a look out.
Enjoy the summer, More news to come!!

Keep Rockin' X


21st Oct
Lights, Camera, Action! - Harlow Gig Pics Friday Oct 5th Gig - and More news updates...

Steve has been ill recently, and has had to cancel two of his shows in mid-october. these will be re-scheduled at a later date.. in the meantime, we have some happier news.. Steve has been trialling a program called Showbuddy. It organises all of his backing tracks in such a cool way. It also has prompts, and can control all of his lighting fixtures automatically.

Steve has been recently seen out gigging with some of the latest new smartpar LED-64 lights, super slim and 30% brighter than regular halogen par cans. These, together with his backing tracks and live singing and playing, have been getting rave reviews from venues, saying that it has elevated the gigs to shows.

Steve has been pre-programming his entire setlist from the Thin Lizzy classics, to Pink Floyd epic's like Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Together with the automated lights, it is truly something to watch out for in 2012 and beyond..

The author of this great program is a guy called Dave Brown. He wrote DMXIS and Showbuddy (together with DMXIS runs the backing tracks, setlists, and light automation). We think its the most innovative program ever written for solo performers. DMXIS and DMXIS pro is not just for solo guys/gals either. It has won an award, and is being used more and more in full blown theatre and stage productions. Go check out his site and products

GO check out Steve on a gig soon, and see for yourselves. We're not interested in lasers and gimmicks, but uplighting and lights that compliment the music Steve is playing, to really create a mood and feeling..

Recently Steve played Harlow Bowl, and was joined by an old friend Tony Parsons. Check out some of the pictures below.. These were taken by Phil from, a fantastic website.

Thats all for now, We are planning lots of special events next year in 2013, and plan to raise the bar even higher! Steve would like to personally thank all of you who continually show up at his gigs near and far.. your support doesn't go unappreciated!

Take care, and KEEP ROCKING!!!! \m/ \m/

Harlow Bowl - Friday 5th October 2012 - Many thanks to all who came!

1st Oct
Hey Teacher! - Steve Forward Nationwide Gazette Feature..

Steve's teaching was featured in the local press recently. Having sent many students off to university by teaching the Rock School grades and RGT examinations, both of which are approved by Thames Valley University as recognised qualifications, the addition of gaining UCAS points towards entry to higher and further education has made attaining these grades very popular. In the article Steve describes how he takes the mobile approach of teaching at peoples homes as opposed to them coming to his own studio for lessons.

For more information on guitar tuition with Steve simply email or call 07849 278188 to speak to Steve directly.

14th Feb
New single release - Tainted Love

Hi All, My latest cover single has now been released. It's one that you have been requesting and like at my gigs.. Tainted Love, but my own arrangement!Those of you familiar with my live shows will know I like to vary the setlist regularly, but this one is here to stay, as it gets everyone dancing! go check it out on the music page - here

I have kept the best bits from the original Gloria Jones version, and Soft Cell synth track and merged them into a great upbeat rock track, I do hope it gets your feet tapping! It is available via PayPal and on iTunes.

Have fun, and I'll be announcing news really soon about my 4th guitar instrumental release, due out in April! Steve x

27th Jan.
New websites to announce

I have some new websites for you guys.. and gals.. first up is my Alive studios website - and second is the off-shoot of that, - go check them out! I look forward to seeing you all soon out there! Keep Rockin' oh and happy new year!

13th Dec.
Christmas Stinking Christmas raises hundreds for Help For Heroes, and still counting!

Steve's new festive track 'Christmas Stinking Christmas' has sprouted legs all of its own, and is currently being put to good use by raising money for an excellent charity, Help For Heroes.

The track is available for free HERE

You can donate on Steve's very own just giving page -

So far (Dec 13th) we've raised over 250 and the count is still rising. This Saturday Steve plans to play Christmas Stinking Christmas Live! at his gig in Walton, where everyone is invited to sing along and donate! ALL donations go straight to Help For Heroes.

Have a safe, and above all, Fun! Christmas, hope you like the track, and Steve has promised a full Christmas CD next year again to be sold for charity!

Keep Rockin'

4th Sept.
Uk Songwriting Competition - Steve's tracks made it to the semi-finals!

Steve's latest rock album, 'Strange Kind Of Life', and 'Alive' got impressive scores and nearly made it to the finals of one of the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the UK. Of the four songs entered, three recieved semi-finalist status, and his catchy pop track, 'Make My Day' got a special commendation.

Scores were as follows..

- Make My Day - Commendation
- Falling Away - 8/10
- Alive - 8/10
- Paradise - 7/10

Score explanation : Songs with a score of 7 or 8 are awarded a semi finalist position and certificate and are considered by the judges to be among the top songs in the contest. A score of 8 indicates that the song was a borderline finalist and almost made it into the finals.

You can view a screenshot of the results - HERE

Steve will be continuing to write and promote both his vocal and instrumental tracks more in the coming months. Both 'Strange Kind Of Life' and 'Alive' continue to sell well on iTunes, Amazon, HMV, and Tesco Digital, and Physical CDs are available through this website, and at Steve's solo gigs!!...

12th August
Strange Kind Of Life Competition Entry Winners Announced.

Congratulations to the following people who will each receive a copy of Steve's latest rock album, 'Strange Kind Of Life'

- Lisa Ellison, Somerset
- Elaine huxstep, Kent
- Jesse Partington, Dorset
- Andy Proctor, Essex
- Catherine Owen, Cornwall

Look out for more album giveaway competitions in the future, many thanks to all of you who entered!

13th June
Competition - Win 5 copies of Steve's latest album - 'Strange Kind Of Life'

So... we're running another competition! Thanks to the huge sucess and subsequent exposure resulting from the hundreds of you who entered, here's another comp...

Win Steve Forward's latest album Strange Kind Of Life (5 copies up for grabs)

Question: What is the name of the third track on the album?

Email your answer to along with your name and postal address, with the subject Strange Kind Of Life.

Closing date for competition is 1st August 2011. Winners will each recieve a signed copy of Strange Kind Of Life.

Good Luck !

11th June
'Strange Kind Of Life' - Album Released !

Steve's new album 'Strange Kind Of Life' is NOW officially out. You can buy a copy directly using the PayPal link right now on the MUSIC page.

Check it out >>

10th June
Alive Competition Entry Winners Announced.

Congratulations to the following people who will each receive a copy of Steve's guitar instrumental album 'Alive' together with a signed photo.

- Jenny White, Colchester
- Phil Gilbert, Gloucestershire
- Dawn Totton, Newcastle Upon Tyne
- Emma Barron, Bristol
- James Fenlon, Hampshire

Look out for more album giveaway competitions in the future, many thanks to all of you who entered!

8th March
Competition - WIN - 5 Copies of 'Alive' up for grabs...

Win a copy of Steve Forward's latest album - ALIVE!

Just answer this simple question and send your answer, along wth your name and postal address to

Steve Forward plays which instrument?

1) Drums
2) Guitar
3) Flute

Competition closes 31st May 2011.

Each Winner will receive a copy of the album along with a signed photo.

Look out for more competitions throughout the year..

1st March
New Website design..

I've been meaning to update the website for a while now, and here it is!. It's not a complete re-design, just added some more width and new photos, and updated content, and simplified much of the navigation.. I wanted to make it more personal, and get some proper photos of me, as I am, right now, so people know who I am!

As many of you know, I love to tinker, so dont be surprised if images and layouts change, but I hate it when websites say.. " undergoing maintenance " and theres nothing there, so I will be keeping it as live as possible but making sure the website is as easy to read as possible..

26th Jan
'Strange Kind Of Life' to be released early April 2011.

Steve's new album will be released in early April 2011. Steve first started to record this album way back in 2009, and has written a large collection of tracks for now and the future since then. Steve has picked the best collection of tracks to go on his debut vocal rock album.

Check out preview clips here >>

12th Nov
'Alive' - Latest Album - Out Now!

Steve's third instrumental rock album is out now. A full five years since his last instrumental album release, it contains some of Steve's best guitar playing in years, a return to form. 10 original instrumental tracks all composed and produced at his own studio in Essex.

Check it out now >>